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In order to abide by the current social distancing rules, it is vital that we are able to operate in a safe way.

We therefore do ask, that before requesting any training at your own site, that you consider the space required in order to be able to do this safely and effectively under the present situation.

There is a need to have access to your CMM, whilst having the ability for the trainees to clearly hear what is being said by the trainer.

If you cannot provide this, or you are uncertain at all, we can offer this service at our site in Mablethorpe.

We have rearranged equipment in order to allocate the safe distancing measures required. We are actively encouraging good hand washing. Masks and gloves are available should they be requested. We would like to thank you for continued support throughout these unusual times.

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"A Company Driven By Quality and Excellence"

CMM Programming Ltd.

Providers of CMM Inspection and CMM Measurement Services. CMM Training on Mcosmos and Pcdmis CMM Programming Software. We also provide, CMM Programming Services, including validation programs and reverse engineering.

Our CMM Fixture Kits and Accessories, are are all interchangable, lightweight, versatile and competitvely priced.

CMM Programming Ltd. is a completely independent organisation. We aim to provide an excellent high quality service at competitive prices.

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Telephone: +44(0)1507 478872

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