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CMM Training & CMM Software Support
PC-Dmis, MCosmos/Cosmos Cat1000ps and Geopak

CMM Inspection
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CMM Programming Services
Manual Inspection Training and
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CMM Training

CMM software training can be provided for
PC-Dmis, Mcosmos, Cat1000ps and Geopak CMM software.

CMM Programming can come to you to carry out your CMM training requirements, using your own components.

If you prefer to have the CMM training at our site, then this can be provided for MCOSMOS CMM Software.

We have excellent CMM training facilities and we use a 50" LED monitor to ensure that everyone can see perfectly.

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Manual Inspection Training

Our Manual Inspection Training can provide all the skills required to undertake manual inspection tasks. We use your own equipment at your site in order to have best practise techniques on your own equipment using your own products.

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CMM Programming LtdCMM Programming Ltd. CMM Training, CMM Programming, Statistical Analysis, Engineering Drawing Training and Manual Inspection Training

Over 40 Years Experience

CMM Programming Services

CMM Programming Services can be provided for large or small projects.

CMM programming can be provided on or off site using PC-Dmis or Mcosmos CMM Programming Software.

Our off site/off line CMM Programming uses your CAD data and drawing to write the CMM program.

We then give you several choices for installation.

We can also provide a CMM operator, should you require one.

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Statistical Analysis

We have highly qualified and experienced Statisticians and Analysts, who can provide an expert Statistical analysis service, for all your raw data processing and information processing requirements, including SPC.

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CMM Inspection and CMM Subcontract Inspection Services

CMM inspection and CMM subcontract inspection (including validation programming) can be provided.

We can provide a fast turnaround for all your CMM inspection requirements.

Our aim is to deliver a first class, quality service.

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GD&T Training

Many of the skills of reading drawings have now been lost. However, in order to ensure accuracy and reduce product wastage and enhance performance, it is vital that your quality engineers can read drawings accurately.

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Our Customers Have Included

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
Primus International
Welsh Assembly
Rolls Royce

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*CMM Training from as little as 500 per day for up to 3 people

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